Jamu – Health shot


Have you ever heard of Jamu? It’s an Indonesian health juice full of health benefits and (I think) it’s super tasty as well. It’s made of kurkuma, ginger, honey, lime, black pepper and water and makes a great tropical health shot. The Health benefits: – Anti-inflammatory – Natural liver detoxifiere – Kidney cleanser – Cholesterol […]

27 October 2019

Sambal Goreng Tempe


As I believe that the Indonesian kitchen is a bit underappreciated, I’ll be sharing with you some recipes to show you how easy it actually is to prepare yourself. This sambal goreng tempe recipe is a bit spicy, vegan and of course super yummy! Preparation time: 30 min For 4 persons you need: White rice […]

25 November 2018

Nasi Goreng – Recipe


Hi Island-Lovers, Today I am sharing a traditional Indonesian recipe that will immediately make you feel like being on an tropical island. A big misconception is the idea that Indonesian cooking always takes a lot of time. With this recipe I will share with you the basics for an easy and still traditional Nasi Goreng.

10 May 2018